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April-May updates 

Had a couple of weddings to attend. No idea why friends who know each other pick wedding days within weeks. So thanks to wedding cards I had to sustain on stolen wedding cake and cup noodles for a while.  

One friend died, not at the weddings it was unrelated. Really sucks when that happens, but at least there was Bereavement Cake and Wings at the wake. 

Went to the doctor because my abdomen hurt, most likely from an excess of cake. Pelvic Hernia! While the doctor poked me like the pilsbury dough boy, he asked if I would like a tummy tuck while he was busy cutting into my most likely cake swollen intestinal protrusion. I was like, if insurance covered it then sure why not hack off chunks of flesh. Insurance must have been in a good mood that day because they said; sure, why not. Those fucks won't let me get name brand medication, but will fit the bill for body augmentation? That will be happening in June. 

Had to spend a day with my brothers new girlfriend. Really just a weird, weird, annoying, weird person. This personality trait seems to come to a head when in public settings or when eating a meal. Topics she always wishes to talk about are included but not limited to; How long is your dick, what kind of porn do you jerk it to, how horrible black people are, how arabis need to be killed, something racist something mexican, have I ever tried to suck my own dick, how long in jail or a walking dead setting would it take before I would have sex with men, What kind of animal would I have sex with, reminding me every time I meet her that she is a bisexual, acting like having stds isn't abnormal, Asking what kind of sex I enjoy, who I have had sex with, etc. Also she is oddly offended by jokes about the mentally challenged and dead baby/pedophillia humor. So when I get annoyed enough, you can bet I pull my how many retarded dead babies can fit in a pedophiles van jokes. The answer for that one is potato.  
The cold turned into a pneumonia, but on the plus side they gave me $20 for my spit to research. 
Why isn't part 2 done?

Long story short I'm working on it. Short story long read away. 

I figured I would do an update for this one since the holdup is on my end. A few reasons come to mind; first being last week was the 3 year passing of my mom, just didn't feel in the mood to write smutty anime comedy. Aside from that I have just recovered from a pretty bad lymph node infection (google image it). That had me down for the better part of the month.

As I was getting better I was going in for my follow up this week, but first I had to take my dog outside. So I go out to warm up my car, but going down the stairs to my deck I slipped on some ice, smacked my head on the banister which left a fairly large gash. Needless to say my dog did not wait for me to return and went to the bathroom all over the floor.

I get the rug scrubber which proceeded to catch fire moments after turning it on. I throw that outside in the yard. Now picture if you could a 6'2'' man blood running down his head running into the yard with a flaming large vacuum that is billowing smoke like a train engine. Now imagine you were the kids waiting for the school bus and this one lady walking her dog who had no idea what was going on aside from what they are seeing. 

I digress; I get to the doctor he tells me I now have a concussion and that I can't drive myself home. It's not so bad that I need any treatment, but should he release me and I wreck my car then he could be in trouble. However from my point of view; fuck him. So I leave and go home and go to sleep. You know because brain trauma and good judgment go hand in hand.  

Wake up 38hrs later with some bad cotton mouth and a full bladder. Sit down at the computer for a while and realize that looking at a white sheet on a screen after head trauma, is like an albino vampire looking into the sun. 

Today I'm actually able to stand looking at screens, so I'll start writing some of that chapter tonight. 
Gairon and Myself have set up tumblr accounts.

We haven't had much time to set up our accounts, but they will look better. A group account we have set up will also have the comic on it. Now we are not cutting ties with DA just yet. The Tumblr is just another way for the comic to be brought to the public and give us a plan B in case things go South with DA like what we had in October.

Remember right now we are on the bare bones of setting this all up. Things will change and be added to tumblr often till we get it to where we like it.


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I like this artist! You?…
HardcoreHunter Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Looks nice, matches the style. 
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I know right?
Masado-Burukusu Featured By Owner May 7, 2016
Hey HH you read the new Boruto manga?
HardcoreHunter Featured By Owner May 8, 2016
Yeah, not much of a fan. The art direction made some of the characters like Hinata not even look like themselves. Then the whole being able to store a jutsu in a scroll and use it (like a bullet and gun), is some of the dumbest shit ever. It's already been established that some jutsu are directly linked to bloodlines. The only way to have some of that ability and not be related to the bloodline, is to integrate a physical piece of that ninjas body into their own. We seen this with Danzo and Kakashi using Sharingans, along with others using the Byakugan, Rinnegan, and the two brothers who could use the 9 tails cloak ability because they had eaten some of its flesh. 

They are trying to make it sound like it would go into the direction of not needing ninja, but the science is 100% reliant on there being ninja who know how to do this stuff. 
I see. Not to mention the copy and paste the boruto movie. LOL  Oh and PPG are back.…
HardcoreHunter Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016
Thanks everyone for the birthday grats ^_^
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